Web based procurement solution, electronic procurement system

eprocurement [e-proh-kyoor, ment]

business-to-business purchase
and sale of supplies and services
over the Internet.

Straightbuy - web based purchasing

Straightbuy is a comprehensive web based procurement and supply chain management package that supports quoting, requisitioning, approvals, ordering and reporting. It is currently being used by 7 local authorities.

Do you currently need one system that does;

:: Requisitioning
:: Quoting
:: Supplier relationship management
:: Supplier catalogue integration
:: Ordering
:: Tendering

Straightbuy Financial System Integrations

AusSoft Software eProcurement Integration
Civica Authority Software eProcurement Integration
IT Vision Software eProcurement Integration
LGS Software eProcurement Integration

The Straightbuy Client Services application enables the transfer of data to and from your financial system.
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Financial System Integration
Straightbuy eliminates manual processes, reduces rogue purchasing and meets Audit requirements.
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Why Straightbuy
Straightbuy provides the tools to maintain control over every purchase transaction.
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Straightbuy Features
Straightbuy supports quoting, requisitioning, and cXML punch-out to online catalogues.
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Types of Purchasing Supported