Web based procurement solution, electronic procurement system

Straightbuy Features

With Straightbuy, an organisation, irrespective of size, has the tools to maintain control over every user and transaction. Straightbuy allows users to be grouped into the departments they belong to. An organisation can set-up different departments and each of the controls set out below can be applied to individual departments or to the organisation as a whole.

Scalable Organisational Functionality & Controls

  • Straightbuy has system parameters that can be set down to the buyer level, providing extremely granular control of individuals.
  • Increased ability to do reporting on purchasing behavior.
  • Supports standing orders.
  • Template ordering and the ability to clone and alter previous orders (with financial codes already assigned to lines)
  • Supports punch-out to catalogues of large suppliers like Corporate Express and OfficeMax and bringing product lines back directly into a requisition.
  • Ability to store additional history records at the order level.
  • Online quoting system to help streamline the formal quoting process (Tendering).

Approval System Functionality & Purchasing Controls

  • Straightbuy enables a number of purchasing controls to be set, including: User spending-limits (including daily, monthly, and per order).
  • Automated approval hierarchy for purchases that fall outside a users predetermined spending limits.
  • Control the suppliers a user is able to purchase from.
  • Setting of your purchasing policy into Straightbuy electronically so that rules are put on order approval based on criteria such as how much can be spent, on what type of goods, with which supplier, and against which financial codes.
  • Mandatory approvers can control process even after financial approval is met.
Financial System Integration & Controls
  • Integration with financials system means valid financial codes can be assigned against order transactions at the order or item level
  • Control over financial codes that users can commit expenditure against.
  • Setting of cost centres, locations etc.
  • Integration with financials system means valid suppliers can have orders raised against them
Straightbuy Notification Functionality:
  • Electronic routing of requisitions to approvers.
  • Email notification to requisitioner when status of order changes.
  • Suppliers can acknowledge and confirm supply on orders electronically.
  • Quote recipients can confirm and update received quotes.
  • Can trade with all creditors with an automated fax and email gateway included.