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Financial System Integration

eProcurement is all about reducing the administrative costs associated with a transaction and this is only possible where there is a degree of integration between the eProcurement module and the financial system.

A standard integration between Straightbuy and a financial system involves supplier records and valid combinations of financial codes being sent from the financial system to Straightbuy. Completed purchase order information is then sent back to the financial system. To facilitate and automate this process we have developed the Straightbuy Client Services application.

Straightbuy Client Services is a software package containing all of the client side software required for a Straightbuy site to integrate with the financial system. There are two modules contained in the Straightbuy Client Services installer package:

  • Auto-Transfer Service for file Upload and Download
  • Fax Gateway for order transmission via fax

Straightbuy has already been integrated with the financial systems offered by the following vendors: 

  • Civica
  • IT Vision
  • AusSoft
  • LGS
  • Fujitsu
  • Phoenix
  • GEAC
  • JD Edwards

Straightbuy has been designed to easily integrate into any financial system.