Web based procurement solution, electronic procurement system

Types of Purchasing Supported

Supplier Managed Catalogues
Straightbuy supports direct linkages with supplier managed online catalogues that support e-procurement standards such as OBI, OCI and cXML. Some of these include the online catalogues of Corporate Express, OfficeMax and any supplier that uses the Straightsell ecommerce catalogue.

To view a list of suppliers that have Straightsell catalogues, visit the Straightsell portfolio.

If you would like your suppliers set-up with online catalogues, contact us on 1300 136 456.

E-procurement standards allows users to access supplier catalogues, (and be authenticated for customised pricing and terms) and have the items ordered pulled-back into a requisition that is automatically routed through the approval process. When the requisition is approved, an electronic purchase order is automatically sent to the supplier.

Straightbuy can store linkages between supplier product codes and your internal inventory codes, allowing for automatic matching of your internal stock code and the supplier code when placing an order.

Straightbuy offers clients comprehensive quoting functionality both for informal quotes and also for formal quotes where the workflow is designed to meet government tendering requirements. Straightbuy is integrated with Go Tenders which allows Straightbuy users to advertise and take responses for tenders over the internet.

Each type of quote allows users to define which suppliers are sent notification of the request for quote and opening and closing times for responses. Electronic documents can be attached for download by suppliers.

Users are able to track which suppliers have viewed quotes and downloaded the documents.